Placement 4

This week, I found out that we, placement students, weren’t meant to go in. But the assistant principle said that I could come in for my placement. Unlike other weeks, I had to leave early for family reasons which made me feel restless as I felt the need to be getting work finished as soon as possible. Now reflecting on this, I was in the wrong as I shouldn’t attempt to pressure students to finish their work early.

Another thing that made me feel uncomfortable was that one of the students that isn’t usually in this classroom, grabbed me and pulled on my hair. I didn’t know how to react as this student does struggle emotionally and psychologically. I understand that the student was having a bad day but I felt useless when he reached out and grabbed me. Luckily, one of the teachers was there to help me out and actually primarily look out for the remainder of the class. She explained to me, when this student gets violent, we need to call their parents to collect them to ensure the safety of the other students.


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