Blog 9, Week 10

Does the experience of any of the authors looked at today (Louise Bennet, Grace Nichols, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and M. Nourbese Philip) connect with your the experience of language users amongst your family and friends?


I have always believed that the differing styles of a certain language can influence the way a particular message is portrayed and understood by the audience. One of the authors that stood out in our lecture today was the poet Marlene Nourbese Philip, in particular in the video that was played which was the work Discourse on the Logic of Language.

In the video, the way Philip delivered the work was phenomenal as she created a steady rhythm and allowed the words to roll off one another to prove her argument. Her argument discusses that particular areas may have established their own style of a language, meaning that a new dialectic has been created. This notion has only realistically been explored since the twentieth century as due to immigration and mixed cultures new offspring of language as started to occur and are being studied. This influence of a culture in a particular environment does impact the way that a language is understood and how it can evolve into a new dialect.


Now this notion of having created a new language within a certain environment has some similarities in my household. As I have a younger sibling with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder), I have watched over the years him create his own little universe and create his own individualized language. He’s own language is still English and he can understand what someone is telling him but his responses are eccentric because he will respond in quotes of films, shows or books to people he does not know or he will jumble words up in response to a family member. When watching the video of M. Nourbese Philip’s Discourse on the Logic of Language, I was reminded of my brother straightaway as when he learns a new word or phrase he will attempt to say it in multiple accents and attempt to find a way to incorporate it into his own language which I think personally is phenomenal.


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4 thoughts on “Blog 9, Week 10

  1. Riley,
    I also believe that the style of language has an influence on the way the message is being communicated and understood. I too found the way Philip presented and performed her work to be both amazing and unique; it was unlike anything I had heard before.
    I really like how you have observed the way Philip uses this language in her own way and connected it to similar instances within your own life. It truly is phenomenal.


  2. Hi Riley,
    I really love this weekly blog and love the connection you observed between Philips use of language and your own. This blog was extremely insightful in communicating how the style of language used, forms away it is understood and communicated. Your choice of resources really assisted in informing the whole theme of your blog.



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