Week 10, Blog 7

Write a letter to Miss Slattery telling her what you think about the decision she made to leave Szabo.

Dear Miss Slattery,

I believe your decision to leave Mr. Szabo Tibor was the morally correct thing to do. One reason that I think you leaving your friend Szabo was important to your well fare as I saw your relationship as it seemed as if there was no emotional attraction between your two, that it was more a physical. Also I feel you used your friend, Szabo, as your escape from the real world and that when you were at his home, you seemed that you neglected the issues of the present time but once you did leave, you yearned to be back with him to return to this ecstasy of ignoring your mundane lifestyle. I do not blame you for wanting to avoid reality but by doing so you caused yourself more grief than before you met Szabo, ultimately you became lonelier than you ever were.

Also I feel that your and Szabo’s differencing opinion of love did cause there to be a rift in your relationship as you fantasied about being in a healthy relationship and being seen by all your friends as the “lucky” woman as you, in my opinion, are very materialistic. Unlike Szabo’s as he states that love is a connection with two souls becoming one. Not to sound harsh but you, Miss Slattery, represent Australian women and you have portrayed us as women with little dignity and that we jump from man to man which is not what a majority of us women do as we saw from you at the party in Woolloomooloo as you acted out because your friend was there. But in the long run, I am very pleased that you decided to leave him as there was no true connection between the two of us. Your relationship was purely built on lust, no emotional or spiritual attachment.

I wish the best for you in your future,

Riley Powers




4 thoughts on “Week 10, Blog 7

  1. Hi there Riley!
    Great work on your blog post this week, one thing I suggest would be to make sure you keep your correct persona the whole way through; I believe in your last paragraph you switched personas and wrote “the two of us” rather than “the two of you.”

    I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis of the reasons people may get into relationships ie: being seen as the “lucky one” by their friends. I agree with you in that I think it’s upsetting that our society is so materialistic that it condones the using of other people in a way that enhances one’s own image. I do think however, that Szabo was naive and at fault in many ways and that it was not only Miss Slatterly’s fault. This is due to the fact that he somewhat allowed himself to be used, ignoring the reality that not all relationships are built on love and trust.

    Keep up with the great thoughts and good luck 🙂


  2. Hey Riley!

    I really enjoyed reading your letter to Miss Slattery and can see you are incredibly passionate about the matter (which is always great to see)! I loved that you have such a firm and logical response to Miss Slattery and Szabo’s problematic relationship. However, I do feel that you were a little harsh on Miss Slattery herself. I feel as if you placed a lot of pressure on her to “represent Australian women” when she is merely a woman, an Australian woman, trying to figure out what she wants/needs for herself, and how she will go about portraying that to the world.
    Keep up the passionate writing!


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