Blog 6, Week 8

This week Michael said to us that we could create our own topics. More or less I have decided to reflect on the style of my writing and that I need to be more careful in the way that I portray my thesis and arguments. Because of the way I write, I can cause my arguments to contradict with one another, therefore making my works unclear and not convincing to a marker or to any audience.

After gaining feedback from the previous blogs and our essay results, I understand that I have to go through my works more carefully as my grammar has caused a bit of confusion. In particular, my arguments have become almost twisted due to the style of writing that I have so now reflecting on the blog critics, I will have to go through each work thoroughly before I post it.

One area of my essay I contradicted myself was the body paragraph in which I discussed Wilford Owen’s poem Anthem of Doomed youth”. I have now rewritten it for my benefit so that I can allow the audience or marker to understand it more clearly.

Owen causes the audience to question the relevance of religion in modern life. In particular, is religion fundamental in survival in war. This creates an atmosphere of chaos and despair, Owen highlighting the true experience that the soldiers did have through his own personal experiences. Owen does this to show the true nature of war to his audience without glorifying death and patriotism. With the line “Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes” the imagery created emphases the irony of religion played in war and how it can be seen as relevant. Therefore, Owen does portray his own opinion and experiences of war through this poem to audience allowing them to understand the situation and atmosphere of what the trenches were like.


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