Blog 4, Week 6

Write a letter to Mr Gradgrind telling him what you think about the way he treated his own daughter, particularly with reference to the marriage arrangements he has created.


Dear Mr Gradgrind,

I have become to realise that your teaching methods and ideals for your daughter, Louisa, are extremely inappropriate. Your obsession with work has made your daughter mechanical and unable to develop emotions. I’m not saying that your daughter is unhuman, but you have driven out the essence of her heart and identity.

The main reason why I’m writing to you currently is due to the fact that you have played match maker and are forcing her into this commitment of marriage with Mr Bounderby. I am aware of the fact that you gave her a “choice”, but her decision was based on your own happiness and ego. You want her to be married to a man that has become unnatural and lost the ability to even be sympathetic is any matter. As I heard from Louisa herself, that you were overjoyed by this news and that she had to keep herself grounded in order to follow your teaching. Are you not a hypocrite to your teachings in this situation? Are you not going against your own morals and beliefs?

Are you being your perfect model in this situation? The answer to this is no. You being the lawgiver are allowed to slide by while if another acted in this manner, you would be disgusted. I how I am with you. You want Cecilia to conform to your ideals while you fail to do so yourself. If you wish to continue your inhuman teachings, I believe it is your own undoing. And ultimately you will ruin the life of your own daughter by forcing her into this lifestyle with Mr Bounderby.

If I were you Mr Gradgrid, I would consider the things that are close to your heart and attempt to place yourself in the position that you have created for your daughter. I can see the outcome of this situation, and it does not end in a happy forever after.

Kind Regards,


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2 thoughts on “Blog 4, Week 6

  1. Hi Riley

    I love how you stated your opinions against Mr Gradgrind promptly, which makes it quite impossible for a reader to misinterpret your perspective. Ending your first sentence with “extremely inappropriate” tells me how strongly you oppose his treatment of Louisa. I can’t express how much I appreciate you thinking of comparing Louisa to a machine, it has such a powerful message behind it and it’s unfortunately the truth. You playing the role of Louisa’s friend/ someone who listens to what she has to say makes the letter much more personal. You created those rhetorical questions and wrote in a tone that conveyed your disappointment and disagreement, it expresses the frustration you view Mr Gradgrind’s treatments with.
    You exceptionally
    tackled the question/argument, Mr Gradgrind would be speechless after reading your letter



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