Week 4, Blog 2

What do you think about Yothu Yindi’s call for “Treaty”? Is this a way forward for us all in this country?


I personally believe that Yothu Yindi’s 1991 song Treaty is a strong political statement in a time where the case Mabo VS Queensland was in play. The time of release was important for both Indigenous and white Australians as the Australian government was being challenged by the issues of Land Rights and Aboriginal identity. I believe that the song isn’t a call for a treaty between both cultures but also propaganda for politics. This is because the music video includes Bob Hawke, the current Prime Minister in 1991. This  would have attracted many of those who had supported him. The song mainly reflection the visit of Bob Hawke in 1988, when he went to the Northern Territory for the Barunga festival (Yindi’s homeland). This similar other Australian bands such as Midnight Oil and Goanna protesting for the rights of the Indigenous Australians.


By having English and Yindi’s native language, it expresses the idea of a multicultural Australia. As well as it symbolic of the two cultures not being seen as one Australian “identity” but showing that there is a still a gap between both cultures. I believe through music; it is a way for political issues to become apparent to younger generations that wouldn’t know about the issue and allows younger generations to gain an understanding of the issue and develop their own ideas. Through younger generations interpreting issues differently to previous mediums, I believe it will change traditional views and can allow the gap between cultures to become smaller and eventually close.

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Hi Dinah,
written very well with convincing ideas about utilitarianism and the how Australia has become into a materialistic society which i completely agree with as most first world countries have become like this. The comment I will say is just make your references could be a little clearer but apart from that very good insight into Australian Literature.

Week 3, Blog 1

Describe in a short paragraph the single most important insight or understanding that has come to you from your study of literature this week: Oz Lit. If you can, say also, why your personal history has led you to this insight or understanding.


With the study of Australian Literature, the biggest insight that I have learnt is how diverse people’s view of the land can be and how materialistic people can be both in the present and the past. For myself, I have a great respect for the Australian environment as I have grown up with very agricultural parents that have taught me to never waste or exploit food or water while as seen in That Deadman Dance with the character Chaine as he is portrayed as a utilitarian and he purely views the land as economic gain or loss. What has shocked me the most so far with Australian Literature is how much greed there was particularly in the 19th to 20th century Australia, yes I do understand that greed has always been apart of human culture but what I didn’t realise was that even though people were economically stable in Australia, they still yearned for more money and to be a mirrored reflection of England as seen in the novel Fly Away Peter when compared to Ashley and his family. I feel like Ashley and I are have similar views as we are able to respect and appreciate the Australian environment for what it is.