Blog 4, Week 6

Discuss the work in the gallery that left the deepest impression on you. Can you describe the work in detail and say why it left that impression on you?

One of the works that I found the most interesting at the NSW Art Gallery was the Nude in a Rocking Chair by Pablo Picasso in 1956 as in relationship to this topic, I believe it conveyed the true meaning of Modernism.


The abstract painting itself is of a faceless woman, depicted in only black and white, sitting in a rocking chair that has horn like arms. The chair is painted a medium pastoral green  that continues the top of the work. With the rest of the space being blocked out by a bold red, yellow and black. One part of the work that I don’t completely understand is why in the top left hand corner, Picasso has left a square of white with a blue plant  inside it. I felt that I only noticed it the plant after looking at the work for a while and that it could draw away the attention of the nude lady for some of the audience. I spoke to my friend Natasha about this work a day or so after the visit, she stated that the plant was the way that her interest was drawn to the painting and that she didn’t see the lady initially.


One of the reasons that I feel that this work left more of an impact on me was I have studied Picasso in Art throughout the majority of my school life. I highly appreciate the ways in which Picasso uses colour and forms to create his subject matter and the way that he is able deliberate his emotions through his works. Although when I first think of Picasso this work does not come to mine first but rather his works such as The Weeping Lady or Guernica which do depict more realistic images and notions. However Nude in a Rocking Chair does make the audience delve deeper in to thought about conceptional message being created.

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2 thoughts on “Blog 4, Week 6

  1. Hey Riley great blog post!

    This artwork by Picasso is a truly symbolic work of art. I see you commented on it conveying Modernism, it certainly looks it too. I like how you went into detail on describing the painting and its components, being an art student I cant help but look at it through the structural frame in some detail. Perhaps expanding on why the chair is made of horns, what symbolism can we gain from that?

    I find that your prior experience in Picasso through school was a definite bonus in connecting with this topic. Your reference to the heart rending painting Guernica stirs emotions in the viewer allowing them to see through the eyes of Picasso and his reactions to the contemporary issues at the time.

    Keep up the good work!


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