Peer Review 5

Hi Brianna,
I really enjoyed reading your blog on Virginia Woolf this week and found that your post does capture the essence of what Woolf wanted to portray within her works. I liked how you broke Woolf’s work down into two separate ideologies and that made it very easy to understand what Virginia Woolf was trying convey to her audience. The only negative that I have to say is the lack of your own opinions and how Woolf could relate to you or some experiences you have had. I did find when reading this blog that there was no personal thoughts or ideas about Woolf herself which I would of liked to have seen. The only real connection between you and Woolf I found was the small paragraph at the end, next time with your analysis you could add your own opinions or beliefs regarding the context of the post. Apart from that, I have gain a much deeper understanding of Woolf through your work and have enjoyed reading your post. Good work!! Riley


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