Peer Review 7

Hi Victoria,
Wonderful blog this week, you really captured the essence of Silas Marner and how the working class does have a more clear insight into the purpose and meaning of life. I did the same question as you this week; but I chose to write to Nancy. One thing in particular I enjoyed about your post was the ironic use of gold in the way you describe Eppie as the gold that Godfrey gave to the poor. This image reminds me of Robin Hood as he takes from the rich and gives to the poor. The false idea of Godfrey’s “fatherhood” is an interesting concept that show portray in your blog. Your structure is precise and clear making your work easy to follow. Like stated before from Annaliese, an image would be nice but apart from that, your blog this week was a joy to read.
Keep up the good work.


Peer Review 6

Hi Louisa,

I felt that in your blog this week captured the essence of the Romantic period. The imagery that you created within your work was beautiful and reminded me of my childhood of being in the country. I quite enjoyed how you related yourself to be a kelpie; this type of dog being primarily used as a working animal and that was very similar to what Wordsworth was trying to expose within his works. I don’t have anything negative to say about your post but I wish to congratulate you in recreating the Romantic period of literature within an Australian context. Look forward to more of your posts.


Peer Review 5

Hi Annaliese,
I did the same question as you for this week. Unlike mine entry, I enjoyed that you did one of the earlier stanzas rather than when the key ideas and themes of materialism comes through. I agree with what you discuss about grammar and how this time period does use words properly; as nowadays the language as become shorter and less creative. The only negative feature of your post I could see was your opening paragraph. It is just a little repetitive for me but apart from that, this idea is clear and executed wonderfully. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.


Peer Review 4

Hi Josh,
Nice summary of the art gallery visit! I feel the same way as you as I think it is fundamental to literature to understand art as both go hand in hand. I too, found that the Victorian Hall was my favourite as well, might be due to studying in the middle ages and having the understanding of what it was leading up to. Most of all, I liked your critique of Briton Rivière’s “Requiescat” as it showed both your understanding and personal opinion of companions. The concept of loyalty was good but I feel that it could of been a bit stronger. I would of maybe added another sentence or two and go deeper in the concept of loyalty. Apart from that, great blog and I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Riley

Peer Review 3

Hi Nicole,
I did the same topic as you this week and I do enjoy the way that you critic Mr Gradgrind’s parenting and teaching methods. I do like how you relate this back to your own experiences and feelings towards this forced marriage. The use of the rhetorical questions does highlight the injustice that Mr Gradgrind has done to Louisa. The only thing that I would of done would of been to related it back to context of the work and the particular chapter that the marriage proposal does happen. Though, I do understand how that can be difficult due to it being a creative piece. Apart from that, I do like your response to Mr Gradgrind and look forward to more of your blogs. Riley

Peer Review 2

Hi Jessica,

I think the context of your letter is very good, but there are a few things I would fix up in regards to appearance and formatting of your letter. I’d break up your main points into smaller paragraphs as it would be easier to read and it does look a bit more professional; as you are writing to Queen Victoria. I understand that you are trying to write in the style of Charles Dickens but for the audience, it makes it harder to follow. Also maybe be future, put your images in between your paragraphs to break up your work.

With your introduction “Dear Her Majesty Queen Victoria”, I found it a tad awkward to read aloud, I’d change it to “To Her Majesty Queen Victoria”. Apart from the structure, I particularly liked how you used the imagery of the snake as smog like Dickens did. And as a history student, I did like the end question to Queen Victoria of “One must enquire Her Majesty, Queen Victoria? Do you not remember the account of Marie Antoinette?”

I look forward to reading more of your blogs and keep up the good work.

Peer Review 1

Hi Marija,

Your poem was enjoyable to read as I felt that you captured the essence of what William Wordsworth wanted to achieve. I liked your choice of adjectives as it was similar to the way that the Romantics were using and how they wanted to create an almost fantasy of their own reality.

The only negatives that I want to point out to you is your spacing of the poem and punctuation. I understand that you were trying to copy the style of Wordsworth but reading it on a computer, it almost comes across as overwhelming. Just work on your stanzas. With your punctuation, just focus on where capitals need to go and the use of question marks.

Apart from that, it was a delight to read your work and look forward to reading more of your blogs.