Peer Review 4

Hi Natasha,

I very much enjoyed reading your blog. Grammatically your work was extremely good and I found it very easy to understand and gain your perspective of the artwork Nude in a Rocking Chair. I quite like how you have styled your post as you gave a little background information of your understanding of the work, personally I would of liked to have read more background information on the work and Picasso such as “Why was he renowned for his abstract style of painting” and “Why did he play an important role in Modernism”. But I did like how you summarised the main ideas of the meaning of the work in bullet points in regards to Modernism, it made it very easy to understand. In the end of your post, I would of liked to know more of your own views on Picasso and the work or maybe you could of answered the rhetorical questions that you did ask. Overall your blog was insightful and easy to understand, good work. Riley


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