Blog 10, Week 11

This week we weren’t given any formal topic so I have decided to discuss the play Faith Healer written by Brian Friel in 1979 and the impact that it has had on me and why I was able to empathise to the married couple of Francis (Frank) and Grace Hardy.

When I had read the play, I found it interesting but after seeing it in person I have a new respect for it. While reading the play initially, I analysed the work critically and was trying to find the main ideas and arguments that would have related to the context of the Twentieth Century Literature unit but after being able to watch the story I was able to gain an emotional experience with the characters. Similar to the stillborn of Francis and Grace, I remember when I was a child my god mother had trouble with being pregnant and when she finally fell pregnant in her third trimester she had a stillbirth. I remember at the time my family and my god father had to watch over her and ensure that she was stable enough to be able to go on in life. Unlike Grace Hardy and her alcoholism, my god mother dealt with her grief in other ways such as volunteering in nursing homes etc.

During Grace’s monologue, she goes into depth about her issues with life after the death of Frank and how she has become unstable in the daily routines. During the performance, the actress who portrayed Grace created an atmosphere in the room that was almost unsettling but also peaceful at the same time which I think was fundamental in allowing the audience to understand her and the situation she was in. I did like how the title of the play was almost ironic in regards to Grace as she was searching for peace but was unable to ever achieve being truly happy with her relationship with Frank. That the “Faith Healer” had failed her as she was let down continually by Frank.


One thought on “Blog 10, Week 11

  1. Hi Riley,

    I too was able to empathise with the married couple, Frank, and Grace. I remember when I first read the play, I wasn’t interested at all. Although, after attending the play I was able to draw similarities between the unit being ‘twentieth century’ and the play itself. However, I’m saddened to hear about your godmother and I’m also proud of her for not turning to alcohol or anything deemed bad. I know that if I were put in that situation, I too would’ve turned to alcohol. Your blog is beautiful, Riley.

    All I can suggest is just a few minor grammatical errors:
    – The last paragraph – in ‘the’ room instead of ‘in room’

    Overall, it’s a great blog. I would say that I’m looking forward to reading your future blogs, although sadly the semester has come to an end which means it is the end of our weekly blogs!


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