Placement 7

This week, due to complications, I had to be look after my class with one other teacher. When usually we have four people looking after, this was difficult but I realised that this week that I can control and teach a classroom.

The class that the teacher and I had to discuss was emotions. It was interesting because¬†we had delved into the ideas of the emotion “Excited”. One thing that stood out for me in this was that these students, even though they have different learner needs and environments, were engaged by how to show and react to emotions. This to me, showed that some contents that teachers have to educate can be universal regardless of the the leader needs and communities. There was some issues with two of the students but I was told to look after one in particular who wanted to leave the class and continually tried to escape the room.

For me, it showed that I was able to convince the student to go back and engage in the class but also stand my ground as the student did throw a tantrum over not getting her way. Personally, this placement has been the most interesting and educational for me.


Placement 6

This week was different to the previous placements that I had done. This week, I had to go with some of the students and take them to Coles, so that they gain a realistic experience of going to the shops and being independent. I found this really insightful as many of the students did this with ease while others did struggle. I was allocated two students, so that I directed them through the shop while being there to help them just in case they felt overwhelmed or stressed. The two girls I was with were able to go shopping very well but only got confused when it came down to what brand of the products they were meant to buy.

I found that this experience opened my eyes as it showed me what the wider society thought of these students. Some were very open and gentle towards the children while others were ignoring them. I think that this experience will help me in my teaching practice as it made me realise the impact that opinions and prejudices have on the students as some felt very exposed and unwelcome by the others in the shops.

Placement 5

This week at school, I went in with a different attitude as we had not been in for three weeks. I tried this week to be calmer and stronger within the classroom and it did help as some of the students started to listen to me with more cooperation.

I found that if I am stronger in my teaching, I will be able to teach the whole classroom rather than one or two individuals. The children were a lot calmer this week which was nice as they were engaged in their work rather than continuously asking to leave or go home. I feel that this week, that I am becoming more of teacher as I have been placed in a diverse environment and are being able to adapt to different children. One of the classes that we did this week was emotions. Some of the children did not know how to express their feelings so this teacher that came in showed them flash cards and they had to recreate the facial expressions.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this week and are looking forward to next week.

Placement 4

This week, I found out that we, placement students, weren’t meant to go in. But the assistant principle said that I could come in for my placement. Unlike other weeks, I had to leave early for family reasons which made me feel restless as I felt the need to be getting work finished as soon as possible. Now reflecting on this, I was in the wrong as I shouldn’t attempt to pressure students to finish their work early.

Another thing that made me feel uncomfortable was that one of the students that isn’t usually in this classroom, grabbed me and pulled on my hair. I didn’t know how to react as this student does struggle emotionally and psychologically. I understand that the student was having a bad day but I felt useless when he reached out and grabbed me. Luckily, one of the teachers was there to help me out and actually primarily look out for the remainder of the class. She explained to me, when this student gets violent, we need to call their parents to collect them to ensure the safety of the other students.

Placement 3

This week at my community placement, I was confronted with something that I never thought I would be in an schooling environment and have to act. One of the students for the first time got her period. This was confronting as I had to tell the head teacher about how the student reacted. Even though, I did not know how to help the student physically, I felt that I was some type of aid to her as I attempted to explain what this meant for her and how her body develops.

The student was fine after a half an hour but this was present on my mind as I felt that I was watching over this student like a hawk. I’m not sure if this was the correct thing to do as it made me less focused on some of the other students. So as a teacher, I need to learn how to balance issues within the classroom as well as being able to watch over a class without prioritising a particular student.

Placement 2

This week at placement I found it much more easier to get straight into the classroom. Though due to the children’s mental disabilities, they were unsure of who I was and why I was there. So I had to explain it to them again. On the positive one of the students, Nancy, remembered my name which made me feel extremely comfortable with working with her.

Unlike the week before, I was the only community placement student in the classroom as last week I had my fellow student Daniel in the same room as me. This was challenging initially as I was meant to look over more than 2 students. When the class did settle, it made it much easier. It did remind me of my EDFX tutorial with Rosemary; because we started the day with meditation. I feel in the future that I should use this technique in my teaching practice. I feel that on this placement, I will learn more skills in my own teaching practice.

Placement 1

My first experience with community placement was both exciting but extremely confronting at Cromehurst school. Before we could start our placement, we had to go to for induction. I hadn’t realised how much preparation we needed, a lot of the things we had discussed was the emotional reaction we may have.

At this school, we are helping within mixed disability classrooms. I did find it a little bit confronting as soon as I was inside the classroom but after the first ten minutes, I felt very calm inside as I realised that the kids that were in the classroom were just the same as the kids in mainstream schools but only slightly different in the way that they learn. Overall, I did enjoy my first day even though I was very nervous about entering this type of school