Blog 8, Week 9

Write a letter thanking George Orwell for his amazing insights into how we might shape the future of the world by taking more care of our own writing habits.


Dear George Orwell,

I have studied many of your works over the last few years in both high school and university level. I would like to take the time to thank you for your works and the impact they have made on me and how they have changed my opinions on political ideals.

I have studied in particular the novella “Animal Farm” and how capitalism can destroy a society and cause much grief and damage for future generations. I really enjoyed how you depicted upper class as pigs and the rest of society depicted as animals that do have purpose on a farm while the pigs are symbolic of the greed and hate of communism. One of the most memorable lines from any of your works that has stuck with me ever since I read Animal Farm was “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

This line, in my personal opinion, has been one of the most important quotes from the 20th century in literature as it displays the true nature of humans and how they intact with one another with judgement and prejudice.

In one of our tutorials, our class discussed this work with other two works of your the “Shooting of the Elephant” and “Politics and the English Language”. Your concepts of how society is controlled by standards and trends forces a society to lack justice and truthfulness caused quite a debate over how politics are diluted and unclear for the general public but yet there are expectations of how leaders should deliberate with their societies. With your anti-imperialistic view on society it did highlight how power hungry countries have become in the 21st century such America and Iran. One line that had me confused but that to think about it was “political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible”. Now my tutorial did discuss what the meaning could be but I would be very interesting to learn your interpretation of this and what you were hoping to convey to the audience.

Apart from that one enquiry, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying your works and look forward to our class on your novel 1984 in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you,

Riley Powers

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3 thoughts on “Blog 8, Week 9

  1. It’s great to see someone so like-minded in the affection for George Orwell! You have some really good thoughts on his work and I think they do reflect some of Orwell’s work. I think there’s something quite magical yet horrifyingly disturbing about Orwell’s allegorical tale of the rise of the USSR (Stalin’s Russia) and that most famous quote you mentioned can and must be applied and heeded as a great warning throughout the rest of our human history if we are to ever stay true to each other. The only problem I’d say I have with this particular blog post is that you unfortunately made a typo and left out your quote in your fourth paragraph (which is making me burn with curiosity as to what it is that confuses you). Apart from that maybe I’ll have the chance to geek out with you about the rest of the Orwell’s work in the future.

    Mackenzie Allan


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