Peer Review 3

Hi Ngaire,

firstly you explore and explained the context of the poems “A Mid-Summer Noon in the Australian Forest” and “Bell-Birds” extremely well. I do agree with your comment about the Bell-Birds being a symbol for Kendall’s childhood, I would also add that it also could be a contrast to the meaning of Blue Birds in England as they were often used in children’s nursery rhymes as a motif of tranquility and that Kendall was using the Bell-Birds as a replacement.

The only thing I would recommend is doing a grammar and punctuation check of your writing as there were a few minor errors which weren’t too obvious. I say this from personal experience as I have to do multiple checks.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed your perspective on Harpur and Kendall’s poetry and how you set out your blog with images of the poets separating the paragraphs as it allowed me to see that a new idea was about to be portrayed.

Look forward to reading more of your blogs and keep up the good work!


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