Placement 7

This week, due to complications, I had to be look after my class with one other teacher. When usually we have four people looking after, this was difficult but I realised that this week that I can control and teach a classroom.

The class that the teacher and I had to discuss was emotions. It was interesting because we had delved into the ideas of the emotion “Excited”. One thing that stood out for me in this was that these students, even though they have different learner needs and environments, were engaged by how to show and react to emotions. This to me, showed that some contents that teachers have to educate can be universal regardless of the the leader needs and communities. There was some issues with two of the students but I was told to look after one in particular who wanted to leave the class and continually tried to escape the room.

For me, it showed that I was able to convince the student to go back and engage in the class but also stand my ground as the student did throw a tantrum over not getting her way. Personally, this placement has been the most interesting and educational for me.


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