Placement 6

This week was different to the previous placements that I had done. This week, I had to go with some of the students and take them to Coles, so that they gain a realistic experience of going to the shops and being independent. I found this really insightful as many of the students did this with ease while others did struggle. I was allocated two students, so that I directed them through the shop while being there to help them just in case they felt overwhelmed or stressed. The two girls I was with were able to go shopping very well but only got confused when it came down to what brand of the products they were meant to buy.

I found that this experience opened my eyes as it showed me what the wider society thought of these students. Some were very open and gentle towards the children while others were ignoring them. I think that this experience will help me in my teaching practice as it made me realise the impact that opinions and prejudices have on the students as some felt very exposed and unwelcome by the others in the shops.


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