Blog 7, Week 9

Write a letter to any one of the following four characters telling them what you think of their choices in chapter 19 of the novel: Godfrey, Silas, Nancy and Eppie.


To my dearest Nancy,

I wish to discuss with you a matter that has risen. The issue of whom little Eppie’s father is or should be has come about in the town. I heard that you wished for this girl to be your own and that you and your husband reached out to Silas Marner. Why would you want this child, of all the children in the world, why Silas’ treasure?

I understand that you feel the need do have a motherly duty for a child but what I wish to understand is your behaviour in this situation. I’ve heard through the streets that the opium addict was once engaged or married to your Godfrey! And as a result, Eppie came into this world. I understand that you wish to stay and be loyal by your husband’s side but I think that is dreadful. You understand that your husband left that child alone and in the dark but now that she is almost a woman; he seeks to have this child returned to him? He has missed his chance of fatherhood, as he has neglected his duty as a father long ago yet you stay by his side when he wants to have Eppie returned to him after she is grown. Silas, even though he is from a working background, has been the father to this girl and raised to be his own. Unlike Godfrey who believes he can leave the child with a man to raise like his own and later snatch it away from a loving father; to turn him into a despondent man.

From what the town is saying, Eppie rejected your proposal of being welcomed into the Cass family. The word is that Godfrey stormed away from Silas and Eppie’s home, I hope you did not act in such a foolish way. What else was he to expect, that the girl would move into a house full of strangers? To lose the only person who loved her? Eppie’s duty, like yours, is to stay by the most important man in her life as we all know that Silas is not in the best condition. That she would desert Silas after everything, he has done. Abandon her father for a false loving one?

I hope you have listened to what I have stated today; I say this out of the utmost respect that I have for you. I do wish the best for you in the future.

Kind Regards,



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One thought on “Blog 7, Week 9

  1. Your writing here is much better Riley. It seems you work best in the creative, rather than the academic mode??
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *a matter that has risen= a matter that has ARISEN


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