Placement 5

This week at school, I went in with a different attitude as we had not been in for three weeks. I tried this week to be calmer and stronger within the classroom and it did help as some of the students started to listen to me with more cooperation.

I found that if I am stronger in my teaching, I will be able to teach the whole classroom rather than one or two individuals. The children were a lot calmer this week which was nice as they were engaged in their work rather than continuously asking to leave or go home. I feel that this week, that I am becoming more of teacher as I have been placed in a diverse environment and are being able to adapt to different children. One of the classes that we did this week was emotions. Some of the children did not know how to express their feelings so this teacher that came in showed them flash cards and they had to recreate the facial expressions.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this week and are looking forward to next week.


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