Placement 2

This week at placement I found it much more easier to get straight into the classroom. Though due to the children’s mental disabilities, they were unsure of who I was and why I was there. So I had to explain it to them again. On the positive one of the students, Nancy, remembered my name which made me feel extremely comfortable with working with her.

Unlike the week before, I was the only community placement student in the classroom as last week I had my fellow student Daniel in the same room as me. This was challenging initially as I was meant to look over more than 2 students. When the class did settle, it made it much easier. It did remind me of my EDFX tutorial with Rosemary; because we started the day with meditation. I feel in the future that I should use this technique in my teaching practice. I feel that on this placement, I will learn more skills in my own teaching practice.

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