Week 3, Blog 1

Using the language of the Romantics describe the impact of nature on your life. Try to describe a particular scene in nature that you know very well.

Sunshine blazing down upon the thick green meadow, the winds catching us at our heels. The children rushing from behind me, racing to get to their perfect spot. They scream from laughter and joy; I watch them as the light tickles their skin skipping down to the water’s edge. I follow slowly, absorbing the images that nature created from its heart. The birds from the trees singing to each other in a language I wish I could only understand as they flutter amongst themselves like my mother did with the children. The dirt and grass underneath my feet, crinkle crackle as I continue to follow my siblings down to the lake’s entry.


The boys waddling through the murky, dark water before I am able to stop them. The grins on their faces is larger and brighter than the sun beaming down upon us at this moment, this giving me peace knowing that they are able to become one with nature.

I dwell on the thought that they will become sick due to the dirt and rubbish that contaminate the water from our tasteless society but realise that I was once in their position. Before the wave of technology hit our society, we were children in Mother’s nature home. She let us to play in her arms and with her own other children, she forced us to use our imagination to explore and invent new ideas unlike the children in today’s society.

Photo above is from one of the days that I took of my brothers at Jamieson Park in Narrabeen.


3 thoughts on “Week 3, Blog 1

  1. Riley! This piece of work is great, the use of your visually descriptive language had me feeling like I was right alongside with you and the boys getting muddy in the park. I sympathise with your state of mind regarding “our tasteless society.” I too feel it is a very real danger, that the loss of pure nature and the innocence of childhood may be a thing of the past.


  2. Excellent Riley: you capture beautifully the feel of childhood, both in your words and in your picture. Yes technology does have something to answer for: and yet it has given us the power to take and record some wonderful experiences! Paradox!!


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