Week 11, Blog 8

Dear David Malouf,

I have just studied your work, “The Year of the Foxes” and I am in awe of your writing style.  The way that your work flows is just phenomenal as the pace of the poem is easy to understand. The thing that I found most interesting about your poem “The Year of the Foxes” is how it can be interpreted in two different ways, either as a child’s perspective or your perspective of it as an adult back on a childhood memory. As you discuss that during the second world war, the behavior of these women doesn’t seem almost appropriate as in 1944 most Australians were unable to have such glamour such as fox furs. I believe in your work that the women have to be upper class and that they have become extremely self-centered and oblivious to the war as they only care about their image to others as you state in your poem “elbow the rare spoils of ’44; old foxes, rusty red like dried-up wounds, and a GI escort.”; this meaning that the women are only interested in their public image and that they are become materialistic.

One thing I would like to say, is that are the women meant to be portrayed as foxes as I do know that with the fox’s hunting behavior is that they parade their food once they have captured it, now does this mean that the women are doing this with the fur themselves, priding themselves in being able to have this luxury. Therefore, is this meant to be ironic or just symbolic? And earlier with the quote “rusty red like dried-up wounds” does this refer to the women being so self-centered that they are ready to fight off one another to become the best socialite?

Thank you,

Riley Powers

4 thoughts on “Week 11, Blog 8

  1. Hi Riley
    I quite enjoyed reading your blog post. I think you have captured enough of the poem to formulate your own understandings of the metaphors, however I like that you are still asking questions; I like that you want to further your understanding.



  2. RILEY!!! AMAZING BLOG!!! The only thing I picked up on was in the beginning where you wrote: “I have just studied your work, “The Year of the Foxes” and in awe of your writing style. ” I think you were meant to write ‘I am in awe..’! I AM IN AWE OF YOUR WRITING! Keep up the good work 🙂


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